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The Write Path is a Canberra copywriting and editing business. We were approached by the business owner to create the brand identity and the initial print based brand experiences. From the outset the key concept revolved around removing the clutter that words create.


The creative process revolved around the concept of removing “clutter” and still retaining an association with copywriting and editing. We worked through numerous ideas but the strongest connection was with a simple circular squiggle and a typeface that is similar to those on old typewriters.


The squiggle starts with a thick line and tapers out as the “uncluttering” happens. The squiggle finishes with the word “the”, forming the start of the typography. The typeface for “Write Path” is reminiscent of that from an old typewriter. This provides a visual link the classical days of copywriting and editing.

The colour palette for the brand identity are warm and expressive.

The typeface used (Roboto) is a Google font, which means it is freely available for print and digital applications, helping to create brand consistency across the mediums.

Fir the initial stages of this project we created the brand identity, business cards, letterhead, and promotional flyer.



Through The Write Path branding project we successfully:

  • Created a brand identity that is personal and engaging.
  • Created a brand identity that is consistent, and flexible.
  • Delivered a brand identity and brand experiences that are cost effective and budget friendly.

Print brand experiences

To help establish this business we created business cards, letterhead, and a promotional flyer, focused on consistency and support for the key business messages.

Fridge created a brand identity for my new business, The Write Path, in 2015. From our first meeting to delivery of my materials, including all my brand assets, brochure, business card and letterhead, Kurt provided advice in a relaxed and intuitive way. Fridge always delivers a quality result and they really take the time to understand the essence of your brand personality to ensure it is reflected in their designs. I regularly recommend Fridge’s range of design services to clients and colleagues.

Shae Lalor

Director, The Write Path

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