Sibu Hair rebrand


Sibu Hair is a unisex hair salon in Canberra that recently changed ownership. We were asked to rebrand the business. As the salon’s brand already had valuable equity any aesthetic changes to the logo itself had to be minimal. Outside of this all brand touch points needed to reflect the personality of the new owner and the type of service they wanted to deliver.


We met with the owner several times to really get a sense of her personality, likes and dislikes, the type of business she was hoping to create, and her expectations on quality. Once we had established the project parameters we refined the identity, created a tagline, developed print and digital touch points, provided staff and fit-out photography, and now assist with brand asset management.

Original Sibu Hair identity

The original brand identity has been in circulation for some time, and had gained significant equity with the customer base. The new owner of the business was happy to explore both new identity ideas, and a revision to the existing identity.

Sibu Hair identity concept

We explored the possibility of changing the identity completely, introducing different typefaces and graphics. What we found however, was that the concept was too “typical” and isolated the demographic to just females. One of the objectives for the new owner would be to encourage male customers.

Sibu Hair identity concept

Another concept was to maintain the existing identity and enclose it in a circle. This not only gave the typography a grounding, and form to sit into, but it also represented the holistic approach to the business – in both demographic, but also their approach to customer hair treatment.

Approved Sibu Hair identity

The approved identity sees the original typography encapsulated by an elegant oval. The oval shape afforded many textural possibilities and quality finishes, such as spot varnishes, metallic highlights, even embossing. Because is is not a solid oval it delivers a lighter, more personal feel, and greater flexibility.


The brand solution really came down to capturing the essence of “bling” coupled with a dash of indulgence. The brand touch points were strongly guided by the salon fit out – imported Italian chairs, chandeliers, and expansive mirrors. The key elements of the rebrand captured the colour, quality and texture of these elements to become print and digital extensions of their qualities.



Through the Sibu Salon rebrand we successfully:

  • Complimented the salon fit-out, creating unity between environmental, print, and digital brand touch points.
  • Developed a suite of digital and print brand experiences, ranging from a responsive CMS based website, through to stationary, packaging, and promotional items.

Print brand experiences

We created a range of print based brand experiences for Sibu Hair to suit a range of purposes and life spans. To promote the new personality of the business, and to deliver a sense of quality, we produced custom design product bags and tissue, supported by spot varnished business cards and gift certificates.

For the products with a shower lifespan, such as loyalty and referral cards we opted for a less expensive print alternative, but one that still provided quality and functionality.


To support the Sibu Hair brand experiences, especially the website, we undertook a series of staff portraiture, and fit-out photography sessions. The photographs we took have been used extensively throughout their website and in print for advertisements and promotions.


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