MagicPotz brand identity



Magic Potz is a Canberra based small business, designing terrariums and providing terrarium and fairy garden design classes to the public. We were approached in 2015 to develop a brand identity that demonstrated the fun nature and creativity of the business.


Above all, the MagicPotz brand identity needed to reflect the youthful nature of the business, combined with the playfulness and colour that can be captured in a terrarium. Immediately we knew the brand logo was going to be hand drawn and the identity text was going to be playful. To us, these two elements spoke youth, fun, and colour.

These elements have provided a wonderful platform to create engaging brand experiences from.


The MagicPotz brand identity has displayed its versatility extremely well, allowing us to create a range of print, digital, and environmental brand experiences that are distinct to the business.



The MagicPotz branding has successfully:

  • Created consistency through all brand experiences.
  • Incorporated photography as a major brand asset. This not only showcases the products at a professional level, but also provides a value library of consistent imagery that is also used through social media channels.
  • Promoted the strong relationships that MagicPotz has with its stockist.

Print brand experiences

We have created a range of vibrant brand experiences for MagicPotz, from engaging stationary and promotional flyers, through to a website with high quality imagery, news/blog, and terrarium care information.

Joint venture promotion

We have focused heavily on joint venture promotions between MagicPotz and Greengold Nursery. The nursery has been a major stockiest of MagicPotz products since its inception, and is slap the venue for MagicPotz terrarium and fairy garden classes.

The joint venture promotional products have included banners, flyers, and eNewsletter notices.



High quality photography is an integral component of the MagicPotz brand. We take photographs of a broad range of terrariums and fairy gardens for MagicPotz. This not only provides a consistent brand message, but it also forms a catalogue of quality imagery that can used across all of MagicPotz’ social media platforms.


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