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What is brand.ED?

Developed by Fridge, brand.ED is designed to evaluate and restore health to your brand. We have developed brand.ED to examine your business value proposition, and how your brand identity and brand experiences support it.

Our belief is that your business value proposition (what is unique to your business and how you deliver it) is a vital ingredient to your business success and creating brand value. Without a sound value proposition you will find it difficult to leverage yourself above your competition and strive in your particular market.


Why do I need brand.ED?

brand.ED is peace of mind. It is peace of mind for you as a business owner or manager, that you are utilising one of your most valuable business assets – your brand – to its fullest potential. With brand.ED you are ensuring your business value proposition and brand experiences are aligned to your customers needs, saving you time, money, reducing your stress, and increasing your brand exposure.

brand.ED measures the health of your brand against our six brand principles – Consistency, Honesty, Clarity, Relevance, Magic, and Engagement.

The brand.ED process

brand.ED is not a “one size fits all” service. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, are at different stages of their lives, and have different requirements. The brand.ED process is divided into three stages – Value Proposition Review, Brand Audit, and Brand Strategy.

Value Proposition Review

Your Value Proposition (what makes your business unqiue and how you deliver it) is a vital ingredient to your business success and your brand value. We work with you to help identify what makes you unique and define your niché. With a clear Value Proposition you are one step ahead of your competition and ready to move to the next step of brand.ED.

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Brand Audit

Once we have defined your Value Proposition we undertake your Brand Audit. We look at all of your business communications (present and past), talk to key stakeholders and customers, and investigate your competition. The purpose of a Brand Audit is to discover what you have been saying to your customers, and have they listened, or even understood your messages.

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Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is like a map. It shows you how we are going to get you from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want your business to be). It is directly influenced by our findings with your Value Proposition Review and your Brand Audit. The more information we uncover during those processes, the quicker the route we can make towards your business success.

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