Hello and welcome to Fridge.

We specialise in small business branding. We work with you and your business to save you time and money, reduce your stress, and increase your brand exposure.

We will save you time.

We will create your brand identity, produce engaging brand experiences, and even manage the whole lot for you once we are finished. We will update your website, post to Facebook, and keep all of your brand experiences working the way they should.

That way, you don’t have to worry about it yourself, and you can get on with working on your business.

We will save you money.

Forget having to buy that design software and hardware, and then finding the time for training. We combine industry standard software and years of experience to create engaging brand experiences that span digital and online, print, and environmental applications.

By working with us you will get a professional result every time, and do not have to pay for that extra software, hardware, and training that is outside of your specialty area.

We will reduce your stress.

Are you tired of trying to work out how to update your website, build an e-newsletter, or create an eye-catching business card? Are you concerned that everything you do isn’t as good as your competitors, or that your customers are not responding? We can help you with each of these scenarios, and more.

We can create your digital, print, and environmental brand experiences, liaise with printers and the website coders. Sounds like pretty good ways to reduce your stress wouldn’t you say?

We will increase your brand exposure.

Our brand development process is thorough, because we want to ensure that what we create for you supports your Value Proposition and is targeted towards your customers. By getting it right from the start, we will increase your opportunity to engage customers in more meaningful ways.

Sounds great.

I need to save time and money, reduce my stress, and increase by brand exposure!

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